Osrick Ingredients Cricket is dedicated to, and works diligently to ensure the security of our shopper’s privacy. All personal information provided to and credit card transactions processed through the osingredientscricket.com website are securely handled.

Osrick Ingredients Cricket is the sole owner of any and all information collected on osingredientscricket.com. Below is a brief description of the types of information we may use and why we may use it.


Any purchases made on the Osrick Ingredients Cricket website will require certain personal identifiable information from the purchaser. This information will include name, address, contact information, and financial information in which osingredientscricket.com will use to complete the shopper’s purchase.

The information collected will be used to pay for the full amount of the shopper’s purchase, including the cost of item/s and the shipping costs; the information will also be used to mail item/s purchased to the shopper’s requested destination. If there is an issue with the payment during processing an Osrick Ingredients Cricket Representative will contact the shopper using the information that was provided by the shopper. The shopper’s email will be used to contact the shopper regarding their order confirmations and other information pertaining to their order.

Payment Processing:

Osrick Ingredients Cricket uses a third party to provide payment processing services on our site. All credit card transactions processed through the osingredientscricket.com website are done so securely, kept in strict confidentiality, and will not be released to any other party at any given time.


Through the ‘My Account’ section of osingredientscricket.com the shopper will find all of the personal information provided by them prior to making their first purchase. The information will be saved for future purchases on this site which will assist in a quicker check out process. The shopper can update and make any necessary changes to the information as they wish. The information will be kept in strict confidentiality, and not released to any other party at any given time.

Email/Mailing Address:

Email and mailing addresses may be used to inform shoppers of Osrick Ingredients Cricket special offers, events and other important information regarding the brand, website and any information that may affect the shopper and/or their online shopping experience.

Surveys & Contests:

Osrick Ingredients Cricket may provide opportunities for shoppers to participate in contests and/or surveys. If a shopper agrees to participate they will be asked for personally identifiable information, which will be kept completely confidential and used only for the purpose of the contest and/or survey. Contest information will be used to identify and contact the participant; and survey information will be used for the purpose of ensuring that Osrick Ingredients Cricket is able to provide the best product and shopping experience for our shoppers.


When a shopper sends information to a friend from the osingredientscricket.com website, they will be asked for information pertaining to the friend that will ensure delivery of the information. This information will be kept confidential. Osrick Ingredients Cricket will not use this information for any reason other than to deliver the information requested by the shopper; there will not be any further communication from Osrick Ingredients Cricket.  

Cookies/Web Beacons:

Like most other websites, osingredientscricket.com uses cookies; a small text file that is stored on a user’s hard drive. This is helpful in making the shopper’s navigation on the osingredientscricket.com website easier. There are two types of cookies used; a) a session ID cookie which expires once the shopper closes their browser, and b) a persistent ID cookie which remains on the shopper’s hard drive after they end their visit – this allows the shopper to use their user name and password on their next visit to the website. Persistent ID cookies can be removed by the shopper if they decide to do so.

Web Beacons, also known as clear gifs are used to help Osrick Ingredients Cricket better manage the content that is on the osingredientscricket.com website. Web Beacons (clear gifs) are tiny graphics with identifiers. Using these unique identifiers help Osrick Ingredients Cricket determine what content is effective and which of our marketing efforts are effective. The movements of each user is tracked and embedded invisibly on the web pages; the information is then tied to the shopper’s personal identifiable information.

All information is confidential.

QR Codes:

QR codes are used for promotions, contests, events and surveys. Upon scanning one of Osrick Ingredients Cricket’s QR codes on their mobile device, the individual will be directed to a particular page online. Depending on the content the individual may be asked for personally identifiable information including but not limited to what has been previously mentioned above. Anyone submitting this information automatically agrees to the terms presented on the osingredientscricket.com website.

Anyone placing an order on osingredientscricket.com must be at least 16 years of age. Any information received on this website signifies to us that the individual is at least 16 years of age, or has received the permission of their parent/guardian.